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in oakland telling us where things stand right now. jana. >> reporter: board members went up to the second floor meeting room for the open session part, w allowed in for that portion and i did speak with one source who tells me that negotiations are progressing and they have made some significant process. they still do not have a deal. now, we were there when the meeting started about 6:20 this evening. about 6 union members got up along with the atu president to address the board before they went in closing session. there is not much time before the deadline at midnight. she and the workers are hopeful that they can still reach a deal and avoid strike. if there is no deal by midnight then the workers, there is about 1600 transit workers with the atu who plans to walk off their job. they'll call a strike if there is a significant number of items that's taken off the table. the big sticking point here is the workers pay 10% towards healthcare, they pay nothing now. more than 180, 000 daily riders and many of them don't have cars and the actransit spokesman says there is no time to order a p
roads as people try to get out of town. >>> plus, president obama speaks out about the use of chemical weapons in syria as his justification for a possible missile strike. this is bay area news at 7. >>> i'm heather holmes. this is bay area news at 7. it is the start of a holiday weekend. we are counting down to bay bridge history, bay area history, the grand opening of new eastern span of the bay bridge is three days away. there is a chance they could open it early. just before 5:00 tonight, we received an update from the project spokesman, who says the work is proceeding right on schedule. he says crews completed all the grinding today in both directions. they are about halfway done with paving the west bound lanes and begun striping. east bound paving is complete. >> the focus will be on switching out the lighting in the tunnels from the traditional lights that have been there to led lights. they will continue that work over the next 24 hours. they are also going to wash the inside of the tunnel. >> gordon says the main goals are eefficiency and safety. asked whether it
for students in oakland, a few are dealing more than just a first day. jay hahn hernandez is showing us of the shooting at one elementary school. >> but, yesterday two blocks away, of 1044th street, along with the mother and two girls were grazed by bullets. a neighbor tells us that the woman is pregnant. the shooter opened fire around 2:30 in the afternoon. they got caught in the cross fire. no one was seriously hurt. it is these type of situation, you have to deal with because the students are affected by the violence of the street >> many are dealing with things that other children don't have to deal in other places so i think we try the make school as safe and supportive as we can. >> when you come inside our campus, you will see that students are learning, it is a safe environment, it is a very carrying environment but outside of the school that's not always the case. >> reporter: back on the street, we spoke to one woman who's moving after 40 years in this neighborhood. police shows with bullets rick shated off her home yesterday. >> oakland police would not comment on camera toda
tell us about 50 homes are under evacuation orders. the fire reported at 3:40 this afternoon burning along interstate 80. the flames jumped and spread to marie gold drive where the fire started to damage homes. and that prompted the highway patrol to call alerts with eastbound traffic slowing more miles. let's go to ken wayne live in fairfield with new information. >> reporter: we are outside fairfield high school which is turning into a command center and evacuation center for residents that's affected by the fire. you can see the video of how big the fire is. the flames have been knocked out, there is still smoke coming from the scene, it is now 70% contained and joining me now is sergeant blank from the fairfield department, what is the status of the fire now, most of it is out. >> the currently it is about 70% contained and they'll be there all night and making sure that it will not clear up again. >> correct. >> we have a lot of fires burning across california right now, do fire departments have resources to put the fire out, they're stretched so thin. was there enough to get a
swimming and looking forward to start 4th grade. the dog owner puts a sign outside, please don't bother us. hunter's mom thinks that it does attack before once the dog is euthanize. >> knowing that you have these dogs and you don't do anything about it. >> reporter: antioch's police says hunter's friend did try to pull the pitbulls off and received bites on his arm but it looks like he's okay. hunter is expected to have another surgery on wednesday and friends and family are trying to raise money to help the family. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the ambassador nor's office says it is now waiting on confirmation of the victim's identity. the body was found on friday for the search of sandra coke. on the day she disappeared she was seen with randy alana with a long criminal history. coke and alana dated 20 years ago. alana behind bars tonight, he was arrested last week on a parole violation. officers found the bus about 11:00 last night on interstate 280. the passengers still strapped in the seat belt was dead. officers could not driver but did spot a man walking near by. >>> a seasons teen tell
tonight and many of the crews is in the area. john is live now and he tells us of the local fire department for the rim fire trying to remain the fire protection at home. >> reporter: the fi stretched thin because of the rim fire, officials say it is still ready. >> but, two others are getting dirty right now near yosemite. >> it is been a matter of time for that to explode and that has happened before. >> nine people were out of town and eight were in the rim fire. >> i am not going to home because we need the staff and cover your district which is your top priority and so the guys have been here for four or five six days. >> it can be tiring because of the emotional string of the job. >> today twice as long as normal to help covering and battling for weeks >> we are surrounded for danger here. >> we are concerned and to know that these firefighters are at other places are not very comforting. >> san francisco sent a 22 person strike team to the fire line this morning. >> safety, safety, guys. the guys who have been up there and paying attention on the web, they have seen fire c
should rely on test. >> we use science to determine the criteria for tainted blood or not and so it's very important that we look at behavior and using science rather than a discriminatory policy >> reporter: the red cross has been on the record as advocate for changing the policy. >> there are many donors who are low risk and could be valuable donors. >> the mayor says they're still in need for people to donate and they hope the fda will change its policies. >> reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a man is behind bars in connection with an attack in castro district. >> we have surveillance video here. it shows an assault on a robbery victim. 23-year-old porter baylor of oakland is under arrest. >> police say he's the man seen kicking the female victim. >> the assault took place after a gay pride street party. >> despite arrests, people say they do not feel safe. >> more street lighting. nobody's out walking. >> residents are meeting tonight to discuss the problem at a public safety forum. >>> oakland is moving forward with a real time surveillance center despite objections from
this wednesday. our top story at 7:00 louis live at the scene to tell us about this. >> reporter: just about 90 minutes ago after negotiations session early this afternoon as well as over the weekend, they hope to keep service going for more than 180, 000 daily riders on ac transit. delivering formal notice of the ac transit noon board meeting. that walk out can happen as early as 12:01 on wednesday morning >> we are streel serious of getting a contract. >> reporter: riders say they're frustrated. >> the bart went on triek and that through a lot of people off like my friends work in san francisco and ac transit is people's live line. >> it is rough getting it together on such a short notice. >> i take two busses just to get to school everyday. if the strike are in effect, i have no way to go to school. >> i don't know why it is coming to at this point. we are close to particularly regarding to wages. the sticking point of course is on health and welfare payments to where their premiums. >> the unions say the last raise workers got was four years ago. >> ac transit is taking the decision of bein
of the road way. led use half of the energy. we'll have a live report from the bridge deck tonight on the 10:00 news. >>> anybody is going to feel what i am feeling until they go through it. it is my son and grandson. stop the violence, put them down, put the guns down. >> baby drew jackson and his 22 22-year-old father were shot to death, six days ago. oakland police attend the conference and encourage witnesses to come forward. it is added $20, 000 to the reward. >>> a pedestrian was struck and killed at the construction at san jose college. details of how it happened and the concerns raised. >> reporter: this area of the fine arts building have been blocked off of red and yellow tapes. at 11:00 a.m. noontime a pedestrian was struck in this front loader. rushed to medical center and apparently died from the injuries. investigators are not giving out information but sources tell me the victim was a female pedestrian. officials did not say if she was a student or in coming student employee. the full time employee was hoping to install an under ground water vowel. >> it was drilled under the
police if it looks suspicious. >> they used duct tape to bind them and their child and ransacked the house. you can always call pg and e & e if a repairman arrives. >>> a bicyclist is in the hospital tonight. a 1995 toyota camry has front damage. >>> the first to name boeing and asiana, they claim they rushed pilots through training and that boeing could have prevented the crash with a low- speewarning system. they want low-speed warnings in all cockpits. congresswoman spears says it could take several years. a proposal is expected next month after lawmakers return from summer recess. >>> the board of inquiry has not revealed findings. we could still see a strick or governor brown couldrecommend a cooling off period. riders are faced with uncertainty. opinions are mixed about which side to support. >> reporter: at bart this afternoon we found commuters holding opposing opinions. >> they are asking for too much. they are asking for too much. they don't have any connection with the passengers like bus drivers do. >> reporter: unions say the two sides are $56 million apart and bart
. he told us he was kidnapped while he was in the store. >> her mother doesn't think police are making progress. >> i know they tried to do what they could do, but it does feel like it is at a standstill. >> more than a dozen investigators are actively working on daphne's case. >> at no time has the investigation been at a standstill, and that's understandable when you're not privy to behind the scenes information. >> the father didn't take part in today's march. >> and some relatives don't buy his story the toddler was taken by a stranger. >> it's kind of obvious everything's not fitting together, as it sounds. >> the whole thing seems kind of fishy. >> on the way here, the family handed out these flyers to people. >> they want to keep daphne's face out there and make sure this case remains a top priority for oakland police. >> her family will continue to march like this every week until these found. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the california supreme court ruling today could be the last stand for opponents of same-sex marriage in our state. >> the court dismissed a legal challenge by
international feel safe after dark. >> at headquarters, chief ngyen told us about operation ceasefire. >> it shows a police mobile command unit near 95th and international, one of three spots in east oakland. >> last night's operation targeted individuals who we've identified who are committing crime throughout the city of oakland. >> oakland's operation accused 8 men of robbery, drug and firearm possession and a girl prostituting herself. >> more pimps are trying to get more women and more money. >> this man didn't want to go on camera. he says the daytime activity has gotten worse. >> pimps are tied to human trafficking and other illegal activity. >> we are learning more and more about how these individual groups are functioning, as far as how they're making money through different robberies, and burglaries. >> including the deaths of independent children, shot and killed with his father last week. >> when our children have been come victims of homicide, it's completely unacceptable. >> there is a way out, however if you choose not to stop engaging in the shooting and homicides, the
tonight. >> jade hernandez has been following tonight's march. >> she's live at headquarters to tells us more on this month on long negotiating session >> reporter: you can see off in the distance police squad cars and transport vans following the crowd. >> about an ago or so ago we caught up with union negotiators. >> negotiations were supposed to wrap up this afternoon. >> we asked about progress. >> we're going to the rally and you should, too. >> we are rejecting those proposals and we've got another one. >> it's called economic democracy, baby. >> today's planned rally began at 5:00. >> one union negotiator told us this was a community march. >> within the past half-hour we spoke to james spans, the board of directors. >> he says something is terribly wrong if an agreement has been been reach. >> reach. >> it has not yielded the results that everybody would like >> reporter: ago still far apart on a contract, members suggest a peaceful meeting, indicating negotiations will resume tonight. >> about a half-hour ago, the mediator will meet. >> they will give a 72-hour notice tonight. >
the victim told us. man's best friend falling down from the window. no swimming signs go up at the bay area's beach. and what happened there. >>> it is tuesday august 20th i am heather holmes in for gasia. this afternoon a jury in the county found a killer naso guilty of the murder of four women between 1977 and 1974. some of the strongest ef involved roggasch and dna on her pantyhose was a match. >> it is just a waist of life right now, he's taking too many lives. >> the 79-year-old naso has been acting of his own attorney. naso is eligible for the death penalty. >>> a san francisco serviceman could not understand why his dog jumped down the window tonight. turned out that his dog was shot. >> reporter: well, that first red flag went up at the pet hospital. the injuries was not consistent with a 40 foot fall from the 3rd story window. >> from that window all the way up. >> a 40 foot jump from that window. hips popped out of the sockets and pelvis knocked out of place. >> he's been in the hospital right now and that's my guy. >> he assumed that freddy's injuries is from the
francisco. san francisco bay ferry has added more trips to san francisco, but a spokesman told us ridership isn't much higher than a normal weekday. the city was also adding service. commuters we spoke with this morning in almeda said the ferry sure beats sitting in traffic. >>> -- is already underway. 20 minutes ago, news chopper 22 was overhead and you can see how much of the old bridge deck they have removed in just under 24 hour. to facilitate the job, they have the original blueprints and upgrades into is a computer to build a model of how to take it all apart. >> we need the current state because that is what we have to take down. that is what we have to deconstruct. so that is very, very important for us. >> crews are beginning to work at the island and proceeding toward oakland even though much of the steel is old, it will be recycled. much of the visible structure should be gone in the next nine months. it is expected to take three years to remho everything including the foundation. >>> at you will find the latest information at the top of the home page including alternati
trar tear joined the -- march began told us governor jerry brown is considering every option. even with the bart riders who sympathize with the workers say they are feeling frustrated. >> at the same time think of everyone else. >> while i have sympathy for them it is having a big effect of the economy, i hope there is another way to do it. >> they feel bart workers should already already well paid and shouive altle for thenegoti. >> and for going on vacation in the middle of negotiations. our coverage continues now with hernandez, she's live right now at the plaza. >> reporter: if bart does not destrike, drivers can expect to see chp officers parked right here watching for car violators like last month. and expects enforcement. >> know that we understand that there is going to be more vehicles on the road way. >> highway patrol officer driving to keep traffic going in case there is a strike. >> the bart strike, a lot of commuters are going to be switching to their cars because there is no good form of transportation especially from the far east bay, you are looking at people comin
-old, it is scary that we don't have a fire house close to us. >> you know maybe they can work something out to get it back open, you know what i mean, it takes a lot of stress off of people's mind. >> according to the president of the union of the firefighter in contra costa -- >> we got the schedule when the emergency usually happens and when they occur, i think over all the public is going to lose. >> reporter: the public will have a chance to speak out and there is also two more meetings. there is one in clayton community and both meetings will be happening at 6:30 at night and they're encouraging the public to come out and speak out because these fire districts protect your area, live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that look out post is 4400 feet above santa clara. >> we look for smoke columns, hopefully beginning early on we see them and we try to determine, well, what's the smoke is like, dark or light or is it building or tapering off and we'll study for it for a few seconds and get an estimate reading and we'll radio with morgan hill with the information. >> flight side is sa
.4 billion span to the island and complete work mere the toll plaza. today, the highway patrol let us know its plan for stopping traffic. >> we're going to do rolling traffic breaks to redirect traffic to other freeways >> reporter: officials say the old eastern span now in use is seismically unsafe and will be torn down. >>> jerry brown is not going to be attending. the governor's press secretaries he will be on out of town celebrating his wife's family reunion. it's not clear who will be there and when it will take place. >>> demonstrators gather in san francisco at a military judge sentenced private bradley manning to 35 years in federal prison for releasing thousands of sensitive government documents to wick i leaks -- wikileaks >> reporter: the protestors are on the move. they started marching down market street. they started marching down here because they were concentrated here at justin herman plaza. but at the time, it was referred to as bradley manning plaza. >> dressed in camo, this flash mob broke out into a dance, calling him a hero. >> documents and videos he gave to wikileak
and has put more officers on the street. while the department will not tell us how many of the homicides this year they have solved. san francisco police cleared 60% of homicides there. but that figure also includes some cold cases. >> in the flat land of oakland you are not safe. >> i think someone a friend of mine -- not a friend of mine he's just 1 of the cute ant constituents. we know that you don't have enough police officers. >> they pointed to a new budget, freeing up sworn officers to work the streets. for his part the chief is focusing his efforts on operation cease fire. >>> viewers are expressing sadness and anger over the latest oakland killings. >>> police in south lake tahoe are looking for a gunman after a store clerk was fatally-shot last night. photos don't show much but really that's all police haveing to on. police say they pallet shooter is local. police are hoping someone will come forward with information that will help them solve this case. >>> tears candles in a vigil for a 16-year-old girl. father struggled with his emotions at the vigil. he talked about his estr
it started saturday along with two homes and seven builds. the u.s. report service saying only 2% contained. the governor's will free up money and resources to battle this massive rage. have made the rim fire extremely difficult to fight whether crews can protect their homes. what those residents are telling him. >> the rim fire continues to burn out of control in the national forest and they are losing the fight at this time. as we have been reporting the fire exploded in size since yesterday trip willing too 53,000 acres and climbing quickly. four people had to evacant the moment they had to leave their homes was usually pretty obvious. >> a big boom and black smoke and we saw it and figured something happened that's when the called came up so i went home and finished packing up. >> in the city the major road in and out of town and the people there ready to be ready to leave. >> i'm definitely more concerned because i have firefighter buddies who say it's taken off and there's not much they can do about it. >> around pine matter lake and two summer camps but everybody is worried about wha
held in jail. the district attorney tells us alana is acquitted of murder in 1980s. while he was waiting for trial, he was charged in death of an inmate. he also served time for robbery. >>> the father of a 6 month old of alameda is now behind bars. robert the third is being held without bonn tonight. he's responsible for a head injuries that sent the child to intensive careless than two weeks ago, the baby died in the hospital. authorities say the injuries were extensive. >> a broken few mur and we believe that it is partially to do with shaken violently. >> court's documents described the injuriesed and the baby has been abused before. >>> the man accused of fatally shooting of a young nurse student in san jose. he's facing one count of murder with a gun enhancement. 19-year-old kimberly chico was in a car when she was struck by gunfire, she was a student at san jose state, her funeral is set for tomorrow. >>> millionaire chahal is facing 47 counts. after he found out that she had sex with another man t. they said it happened at the apartment. the criminal complaint says he
that are still working. there are also crews circling the parking lot. they've asked us when the media trucks are going to leave. they're going to stage here in the next few hours. you can see some of these work crews circling. they're hoping to find a parking spot so they can begin to work at 8:00. reporting live from the toll plaza, patty lee, channel 2 news. >> we're getting a first look at the command center and the opening of the new span. it has several communications stations for cal police and chp managers. they're monitoring traffic exactly also be checking construction vehicles to and from that project. the highway patrol is getting ready to start the process by running traffic brakes on both sides of the span. in san francisco, starting at about 7:15, chp cruisers will slow down traffic and start closing on the ramp. after that, people heading to the bridge on eastbound 80 will be forced to exit. >> for example, in emeryville, if you're traveling westbound 880, you're going to be diverted. >> bay area transit agency, bart will offer 24-hour service and longer trains for people need
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22